4shared Apk Download for Android Device – Latest Version!

4shared Apk: 4Shared is an entertainment free and useful Android app. 4shared APK allows you to access and share your files with others. This app is also one of the best and fast ways to share any documents, music, photos, etc with others from your Android device. Using 4 shared you can also search and find any file you require within the 4 shared database. It is also very simple to identify various search such as size, times, type of file etc. However, with 4shared you can straightforwardly move, copy, upload, delete, and even download several files from your 4shared account to your tablet or Smartphone and then shared with your friends.

4shared Apk Download for Android – Free Download

So, 4shared is one of the best cloud storage services for Android device. It is very helpful one, and the app is extremely easy to store files also access anytime everywhere. Moreover, it has various awesome features. Therefore, if you want to share some file with your friends, then you can use this app freely. But in order to use 4shared APK for Android, you must download and install on your device. The downloading and installation are given bellows just go through this post and also get the detail information regarding 4shared APK.

Features of 4shared APK for Android

The following are some of the awesome features of the 4shared app. scroll down to check out the features.

  • It has fast sharing of files from your Smartphone to others.
  • It allows fast and convenient access to more than 3 millions files
  • Easy management of 4shared account and files
  • Flexible search engine which let you scan any files on the clouds
  • User-friendly to manage your account and you can also listen to music directly on your Android Smartphone
  • 4shared enable you to watch videos directly on your Android device.
  • 4shared enable you to upload any files up to 500 MB

How to share files with others?

Yes, you can share any files with anyone even with unregistered users. The way to share files is that as soon as you completed uploading files on 4shared App, you can share the files using an access link. Just email the link, place the link on your web page. In case if you want to share your file with certain people only then you have to share your link in private.

Since, as you can upload a file of up to 500 MB the question raises how to upload files to my account? Therefore, in this paragraph let us look how file are exactly uploaded on my account. Now, to upload files on your account virtual drive, you require login to your account and tap the “Upload file” button. Then tap on the ‘Browse’ button of your account screen and select the file that you want to upload. Now, if the selecting is completed, hit the upload button. Your task will be completed.

How to download 4shared APK for Android

Downloading 4shared APK on your Android device is easy and simple. Therefore, follow the given bellow steps by step guides to download 4shared APK for Android.

  • Firstly, go to the bellow given link
  • After that, you will see the download option on the page
  • Now, what you need to do is that just tap the download option and the downloading will proceed gradually
  • Now, wait for few minutes till the downloading is completed
  • Once the downloading completed, you can install the app on your Android device

How to install 4shared APK for Android

Now, to install 4shared APK for Android on your Android device, you must enable your device setting to accept from an unknown source. By going to ‘Setting’ option and open ‘Security’ and then you will see ‘unknown source’ option. Just enable the unknown source by tapping the button next to it. If the device settings get completed, then follow the bellow steps to install the 4shared APK on your Android Smartphone.

  • First of all, go to your device memory or external memory and find out the downloaded 4shared APK file where it is located.
  • After finding the APK file, what you need to do is that just open it the file
  • Then as soon as you open the 4shared APK file, you will see a pop up with an ‘install’ option on your screen
  • Just tap the install option, and the 4shared APK file will be installing gradually on your android device
  • Now, you need to wait for few seconds till the installation is completed
  • Once the installation is completed, then you will see an icon on your Smartphone main menu.
  • That it, the 4shared APK for Android is ready to use.

These are the procedure to download and install 4shared APK for Android. In the above, I have mentioned regarding the features and how to share files on your account. Thus, I am sure you may easily follow the procedure provided and share your files with many of your friends. In case if you have any queries regarding this post then do comment in the bellow comment box.

4shared Download – How to Install 4Shared App & Its Features

4shared Download: With the 4Shared app, you can stream your favorite music for free of cost and also download your favorite music on your device. But this app is not limited only this, with the 4Shared app you can also upload your important files of folders. So that you can access your files and folders from any other device whenever you want. Today in this content I am going to tell you about how to download and install this app on your device, features and how to use this cloud storage.

4shared Download is one of the best apps for keeping your important files safe, not only this but you can also share your files to other from this file storage app. But for doing all this you will need to create an account in 4shared Download, there are two types of account one is for free and the other one if premium. Yes, obviously you will get more features in the premium account like in premium account you will be getting maximum security, 100 GB of cloud storage and many other.

4shared Download and Its Features

4shared Download

So here in this article, I am going to tell you about the exciting features of 4Shared file storage and sharing app and also how to use and download this exciting app on your PC.

Features of 4shared Download:

  1. Your files and folders that are uploaded on this 4Shared will be super protected because 4Shared has recently joined McAFee Antivirus as a safety partner. So now you can upload all the important files in 4shared Downloadand stay safe.
  2. You can also share any files or folders from this 4Shared app directly from your account. So now you don’t need to be near to share your files. In this file sharing app, you can either share your files to all of your 4Shared users or you can select a particular recipient, which will only receive your file.
  3. This 4Shared file storage and sharing app is having much more space than apps like Dropbox, Google drive etc. In the other file storage app you will get some 5 GB of free storage, but in this 4Shared app you will be getting 15GB free storage space which is superb.
  4.  Not only file sharing or storing but with this 4Shared app you can easily stream your favorite music online or you can also download. So this is a multiple apps where you can do both streaming music and sharing files and storing files.
  5. The most interesting features of this 4Shared are that you can connect your other accounts like your Gmail, Dropbox, Google docs, etc. to this 4Shared and you will be getting all the data from the other accounts.
  6. As the 4Shared app is one of the most protective apps, so you can sync using this 4Shared app so that all your device or any other app data remains on your 4Shared app profile.
  7. This app is downloadable even on your PC to control all the features of this app. So you can also operate your 4Shared account from your PC itself. So it is very easy to use this app.
  8. The user interface of this 4Shared app is very much, os even if you are a beginner you can easily use this app easily.

So this is all the amazing features of 4Shared file sharing and storing app, these features are all the important things for which this is the best file sharing app today.

How to Download the 4Shared app:

Here below are all the steps that you need to follow for downloading this useful 4Shared app on your device. These steps are very easy; you can easily make it out.

This app is easily available for Android, Windows, iOS devices. So you can easily find this app in your respective app store, you don’t need to download any apk file from the other third party app market. But here below steps, I will tell you about how to download and install this app on your Android device.

1. Go to the play store and then search for the 4Shared app in the search box of the Google Play store.

2. Now click on the app menu from the result to install.

3. After you have clicked on the app icon, you will see INSTALL button on the right corner with Green background color. So click on that to install.

4. After your click on the Install button agrees all the terms and condition.

5. After some few moments, the app will be successfully get installed on your device, and you will be able to use all those amazing features on your device.

So this is all the steps that you need to follow to install this useful app on your Android device. Isn’t the step easy to remember? So this is all for the installation process, here below I am going to tell you about how to use this fantastic 4Shared app on your device.

How to use the 4shared Download app:

For uploading or downloading your important files and folders, you will need to sign up in the4Shared. So you are to sign up in the same way like you do while creating accounts in other apps. Here below you are going to know about how to upload your important file and how to download it again.

  • For uploading your important files, you will need to click on the UPLOAD button which will be there in the menu bar.
  • After you click on that button, you will see that your file directories got opened on your desktop screen. So now select the files that you want to upload and then click on the CHOOSE button.
  • Now, wait for some time till your files get successfully uploaded. Now it will totally depend upon the file size and your internet speed.
  • So after waiting for some period, you will find that your file is successfully uploaded.

So this is all for the steps for uploading your important files, now let’s check out how to download your important files from the 4Shared.

  • For downloading any file at 4Shared, you just need to click on the file you need to download and
  • click on the download button for downloading any particular file.
  • It will take you to a new tab, where there will be two option, one is Free Download, and the other is Priority Download. So click on the Free Download option.
  • Just after you select the option, the file will start downloading on your device. So now just wait until the file gets successfully installed on your device.

So this is all the steps for how to download any files at 4SHared easily with out any errors.

This is it, here above I have everything about this 4Shared like its features, how to download it and also how to use this 4Shared easily. So now you should not be having any problem using this features full app, but if you are having any then you can comment me down, I will be there to help you.