4Shared Alternatives and Similar Apps Like 4Shared for Android

4Shared Alternatives: 4Shared is one of the best apps for sharing, managing and access the files. 4Shared is a free mobile app for your Android devices. They are convenient as well as fast user interface. You can easily access your account with 4shared.com. This includes all your files, important documents, music, images and much more. Directly you can access from your Android device whenever you wanted.

4Shared Alternatives

With 4shared you can access up to more than 30,000,000 files in a go. The public search option helps you to search and find the files you need to.Furthermore, when you open an account with 4Shared you get a 15 GB free storage with it to store all your important files

From your 4shared.com account, you can simply upload, copy, edit, rename, delete and move any files to your device. You can share all the files instantly with others. There are many apps which are similar to a 4Shared app. Let us check the 4Shared alternatives below.

List of 4Shared App Alternatives:

Just like the 4shared app, there are also similar apps which do the same function. You can have a look on them and download any one.

1.      Google Drive:

Google Drive is also a free online storage tool for storing all your important files as well as documents.This allows you up to 15GB free online storage that helps you to store all your photos, videos etc. With Google Drive, you can see all your files and folders from any smartphone.

You can easily synchronise all the files across devices. You can store up to 100 GB and also 30 Tb with paid plans. It helps you to share your files and folders with your groups and dear ones. Get this advanced tool for completely free of cost.

2.      Dropbox:

Dropbox is another option to store all your photos, videos, and documents. All the files that you have stored in the Dropbox can be easily backed up.

The main features of this app are from your phone itself you can edit the entire files and folders from Microsoft Office. Without even any email attachments you can send all the large files. With Dropbox, you can easily save all your files and folders. Another most important fact about this app is you get a 2GB Free online storage.

3.      Microsoft OneDrive:

No doubt this is another app similar to 4Shared apps. It is a user-friendly device which helps you store online all your files and folders in a safe place.

You can also edit all your documents from Microsoft office through online. Apps like Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint can be easily edited and save in Microsoft One Drive. Even when you are offline you can still access to your important documents.

It simply helps you to share all your photos as well as videos. Apart of that you also get notified when any of the shared documents are edited. Now, get started with 5GB free.

4.      MediaFire:

Media Fire is also 4Shared alternatives which work like the 4Shared app. With this app, you can backup all your files and folders automatically. You get a 12GB free storage with MediaFire and also you can earn up to 50GB free storage.

It also allows you to view all your presentations and documents, in fact, you can also listen to music too. Now with MediaFire, you can quickly search all your files and folders and keep all your important files in your hand. You can easily keep all your files and folders in your bag or in your pocket with MediaFire. Whatsoever your device happens; your entire files will totally be safe with MediaFire.

5.      Box:

There are millions of 4shared alternatives in the market and Box stood in the fourth place in my list. With 10GB free cloud storage, it manages all your files and folders. You can also easily share all your important documents and files.

With Box, you can upload all your PDF files, Microsoft office folders, videos as well as photos. You do not require any attachments just with a link share all your large files. They are very fast and safe also very easy to use.

Hence similar apps like 4shared apps are listed above.They work similarly like 4shared apps for storing backing up all your important files and folders. Suggested above read all the five list and install on your devices.

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