4shared iOS – How to Download 4shared App for iOS & iPhone

4shared iOS: 4shared app for IOS is a useful and popular app that enables you to manage and access files in your personal cloud storage of this application. It has been provided with 15GB storage space for storing files and folders of your device.

With this application, you can manage your account and can change the personal information. The copying, erasing, renaming and uploading of files can also be possible through this app. Previously uploaded videos and music can be watched or downloaded from this app.

One of the important features of this app is that you can synchronize the photos present on your device with the $shared account. There is also an option provided through which you can upload photos automatically whenever you have the wi-fi access.

4shared iOS – How to Download 4shared App for iOS & iPhone

4shared iOS

The 4shared app for IOS is very useful app save and manage your files. So here I am going to mention the steps that will guide you to get 4shared apps for IOS.

Features of 4shared App for IOS:

This application is loaded with some amazing features that you will experience while using this app. So the following are the features of 4shared app for Android.

  • Many of the other cloud storage services provide up to 5 GB of storage space, but this app provides 15 GB of storage which is very promising.
  • It will enable you to share your files and folders with another person directly from the account.
  • The 4sync helps you to backup your files. With this facility, you can access it from anywhere.
  • It has a partnership with McAfee Antivirus which will help you to keep your data protected.
  • It has a music streaming as an additional features trough which you can listen to music via online streaming.
  • The iPhone photo app is also added with this cloud service tool, and it enables you to take high-quality photos and make the photos.
  • Other accounts from different cloud service can be linked to your 4shared account.
  • You can also customize your 4shared account from your PC.
  • There is also a toolbar available for this app so that you can access it directly from your web browser.
  • The user interface of this app is easy to use so that everyone can use it easily.

How to Download  4shared App for IOS:

Though this features of the 4shared app are very useful for managing your files and folders. Therefore you need to download this app, and the following are the steps to download this app.

  • First, you have to go to your app store on your IOS device.
  • Then search for the 4shared app on the search option provided.
  • When the icon is displayed, click/Tap on it for downloading it.
  • It will be automatically installed on your phone.
  • Now you can use it as your cloud storing service.

How to use the 4shared app on your IOS Device:

Here I will show you the process through which you can use this amazing application your IOS device.

  • First, you have a look for the app on your IOS device and then tap on the icon for launching it.
  • Then login into the account by providing the email id and password.
  • After that, the main screen will appear in front of you.
  • Then tap on the music option to open it.
  • All the music files that you have shared will be shown to you.
  • Then select the music and play it.
  • You can upload the photos and videos by choosing the My 4shared option from the menu.
  • You will get to see all the folders and files mirrored from your main account.
  • Then choose new option there, and from there you can select the file you want to upload.
  • By this process, you can select any file from the app and click on it to download.

The 4shared app is a very relevant cloud storing app that will offer you 15 GB free storage. The various features of this application will help to perform many tasks easily. And above I have mentioned the downloading process of this amazing app so that you could use it and experience its features. So open your phone and download this now and get 15Gb of storing for free.

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